When it comes down to it there really are two fundamental types of investments: One type of investment helps you build your money to help achieve your goals. You know what your goals are – common goals many people have include saving for retirement, educating your child, buying a home or furniture, or taking a vacation. Financial companies like Sun Life Financial offer a huge range of investment "products" to help you build your money.

The other type is designed to return your money to you efficiently. Whether you've saved for retirement or a shorter-term goal, there are financial products designed to return your money in a way that helps you achieve your goal.

Segregated funds


Segregated funds are very similar to mutual funds. Money is invested in stocks, bonds, or other securities with the goal of increasing its value. The main difference is segregated funds are structured as insurance contracts abd therefore offer some benefits that mutual funds do not.

  • Segregated funds can guarantee 75% to 100% of your      contributions (minus withdrawals) when the contract      matures, or on your death. The value of the contract is not guaranteed at      other times.
  • If the      beneficiary you've named qualifies, segregated funds are generally      protected against seizure by creditors.This can be a big advantage for      business owners and professionals wanting to protect against an unexpected lawsuit or      bankruptcy.